Our Dietician and nutritionist can help support both adults and children in the following areas:


  • Weight management – weight loss or gain
  • Insulin resistance
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • Food intolerance and IBS
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for a range of chronic conditions including diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, gout etc


  • Weight management – weight gain, weight stabilisation, habits relating to overweight/obesity
  • Insulin resistance – genetic predisposition to weight gain and prevention of this
  • Fussy eating and the mealtime environment
  • Family routines and language
  • Infant feeding
  • Behaviour related nutrition – exploration of food intolerance, use of additives and preservatives
  • Constipation – exploration of nutrition related causes, fibre, food intolerance
  • Food intolerance – exploration of nutrition related concerns for gastrointestinal upset (once medical causation has been ruled out) e.g. prolonged diarrhoea, reflux, pain
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – nutritional adequacy related to specialised trial diets, mealtime environments, fussy eating, behaviour related nutrition
  • Review and modification of formula based feeds
  • Practical and holistic solutions for the whole family
  • Recipe modification

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