Welcome to THE OT CLINIC

The OT Clinic is a private practice located in Kogarah NSW. At The OT Clinic, we believe in celebrating each individual’s strengths and abilities and we pride ourselves in our client and family centered practice. We work with each client and their family on developing skills and achieving goals that they identify as being important to them. The OT clinic strives to help people reach their full potential and help them work towards optimal function and independence.

We provide our clients with comprehensive assessments and advanced treatments through the latest technology, research and equipment. Our clinic was one of the first in Australia to provide international therapies like TheraSuit therapy as well as delivering therapy through an intensive model.

The OT clinic recognises the importance of carer training and education. By training parents, teachers and other carers, the therapists at the OT clinic work towards empowering not only the individual, but also the family as whole.


Our standardised assessments offer a comprehensive evaluation of your child. This allows us to understand areas of strength and areas in which more support is needed. Following an initial assessment, a customised program is tailor made to ensure you or your child reach the goals that are important to you.


Our wheelchair accessible chamber allows for a comfortable and safe environment where the chamberaims to increase the percentage of pressurised oxygen inhaled. This increased oxygen is dissolved into all of the body’s fluids; the plasma, the central nervous system fluids, the lymph and the bone.


Occupational therapy aims to work on developing life skills to allow an individual to function independently and at an optimal level. Occupational therapy includes working on: fine and gross motor development, sensory processing difficulties, activities of daily living (dressing, toileting) and much more.


75% of school aged children with learning difficulties have retained reflexes. Primitive reflexes emerge in utero and should integrate by 2 years of age. If these reflexes are not integrated, there are many difficulties that an individual may have including: physical limitations, poor attention, difficulty handwriting and much more.


What better way to see results and maximise therapy than by creating a custom made intensive to suit you or your child. Choose from a range of services to tailor make a program that meets your needs.


Our feeding and swallowing clinic is a great way to help your child learn to eat independently. This specialised service assesses your child’s ability to break down food and swallow it correctly. From oral motor sensitivities, to food aversions, our speech therapy clinic can help work toward improved feeding as well as speech development.


Our highly trained therapists can prescribe equipment e.g. wheelchairs, special beds, shower commodes and much more. We can also do a home assessment to evaluate the safety of your home and make recommendations to help ensure your home is safe and accessible.


Our therapists are trained in specialised models like Linda Mood Bell. These programs help to improve engagement, as well as support academic areas like: reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, higher order thinking and much more.


Our paediatric physiotherapy department help work on gross motor development e.g. crawling, standing and walking through interactive and fun activities. Our physiotherapist can help strengthen muscles, improve range of motion as well as improve functional ability.


Our group therapy and holiday programs are fun, interactive and help build skills important for development. Group therapy allows children to make friends, learn about peer interaction and prepares them for a school environment.


Our dietetics department provides you with important information to help you make decisions about food and nutrition for you and your family. Our dieticians provide advice on weight management, fussy eating, food intolerances and much more.


The TheraSuit Method is based on an intensive therapy model and is an individualised and specific strengthening exercise program based on the individuals’ needs, strengths and weaknesses. It aims to eliminate pathological reflexes and establish new, correct, and functional patterns of movements.

Our Clinic

A place that engages each child
Our goal is to create a learning rich, holistic environment tailored and customised to suit different and allow each individual to reach their full potential.