The OT clinic provides specialist disability support. Our therapists have specialist disability training and are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Recommendations on vehicle purchases with hoists for wheelchair accessibility
  • Equipment prescription: we can prescribe wheelchairs, special beds e.g. high low beds, devices that assist in toilet or showering e.g. shower commodes.
  • Assistive devices: we can provide recommendations on devices that help make things like showering, typing and even opening doors much easier


Our therapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment on your needs and organise trials of different equipment through the top equipment companies. Our therapists will also provide detailed reports to the relevant funding bodies or providers to help with get your new equipment fast.


  • Home modifications: The OT Clinic can provide home modification assessments and reports to help make a home more accessible both on the inside and out. Our therapists will come out to your home and conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide a detailed report to external parties including department of housing.